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How America Can Win an Olympic Gold for Its Economy

Last week, I wrote a piece for U.S. News on the contrast between the United States’ stellar Olympic record and recent hits to the country’s reputation in the press.

Over the last few weeks, as the United States competed and mostly won in the international sports arena at the 2012 Olympics in London, the country itself seemed to suffer from a reputational setback in headlines from many prominent media outlets including Time magazine (“The History of the American Dream: Is it Still Real?”) and the Wall Street Journal (“Why Capitalism Has an Image Problem”). Why is it that while our athletes still seem to be excited about both working hard on representing the United States in the most competitive environment on the planet and embracing America itself as a concept (note the many tears welling up as the flag raises and the national anthem is played), a cloud seems to hang over both our businesses and the people who work in them?

Read more over at U.S. News.

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